Workshop on Climate Prediction in the Arctic-Atlantic sector
13-14 June 2016
Auditorium A, Allégaten 66, Bergen (Norway)
The workshop was successfully carried out!

Thank you to all the participants, the local organisers and to Oda Eiken (BCCR, Norway) for taking the group photo!

Presentations: here on our Results page.

Programme: workshop programme.

Attendees: participants list.

Session 1: Mechanisms for climate variability and predictability . Chair: Tor Eldevik (TBC) (GFI-UiB & BCCR, Norway)
Summarise work on oceanatmosphere interactions in the Arctic-Atlantic sector.
Invited presentation by Rong Zhang (NOAA Federal, USA).

Session 2: Climate prediction. Chair: Francois Counillon (NERSC & BCCR, Norway)
Summarise work on the initialisation of climate predictions, and skills assessment of the analysis and predictions.
Invited presentation by Steve Yeager (Nordic Seas) and Alicia Karspeck (Data Assimilation) (UCAR, USA).

Session 3: Atmospheric teleconnections. Chair: Camille Li (GFI-UiB & BCCR, Norway)
Summarise results from the GREENICE WP1 joint runs and related work.
Invited presentations from Tetsu Nakamura (Hokkaido University, Japan) and Guillaume Gastineau (UPMC, France)

Session 4: Climate impacts. Chair: Astrid Ogilvie (SAI, Iceland) / Sergey Gulev (TBC) (IORAS, Russia)
Focus on more societal relevant climate phenomenon, such as weather extremes.
Invited talk from Agder Energi. Followed by a small discussion group (stakeholders workshop) with what expectations do hydroelectric companies and highnorthern communities have/require from the projects.

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